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Sometimes...you just gotta make a choice.

And I'm freakin' out
Because I'm just so lucky

Everything I Asked For - The Maine

Today, I had to make a hard choice. Work on trying to see the Bamboozle Roadshow or The Maine.
The Maine won in the end.

Of course, I'm happy. This is going to be one EPIC roadtrip with my amazing show family
But i'm also very disappointed...

I planned out my California trip this year according to 3 dates:
June 5th: Bamboozle in Concord
June 26th: Warped in Mountain View
July 10th: Warped in Montreal.

Seems like no one is free to bring me to Bamboozle so I kind of gave up. It's an hour away by car from where i'll be staying so it's not like anyone can drop me off and come pick me up...and public transit there is...a surefire missing-persons case for me. i'll get lost.

I really wanted to go though...out of the 10 bands, there were 6 that i LOVED and that never come here.
They were all playing ONE show. It could've been amazing but I weighed all the pros and cons and decided to go to Toronto on July 29th to see The Maine.

I know i shouldn't be complaining. I know so many people love bands who never come to their city.
But just the fact that i'm SO CLOSE to that concert and yet I can't go...it's just really disappointing.

I need to stop wallowing though. The Maine's concert is going to be amazing. We all bought VIP tickets so we'll get a VIP laminate, an autographed poster, a CD and early entry. All for just 45$! i need to start seeing that rather than the bands i'll be missing.

Oh. And i learned that saturday, I'll be interviewing Jesse Labelle, a solo artist who used to sing in a boyband i LOVED when i was 11. This is going to be interesting haha If someone had told me 9 years ago that I'd be interviewing him one day, I'd never believe them.

Saturday is going to be AMAZING too.

Lunch for my grandma's birthday followed by Jesse Labelle's interview, followed by Faber Drive's meet and greet and finally the show ft. The New Cities and The Mission District too. STOKED for saturday!


The Maine's summer tour dates with This Century will be online. It would've been absolutely PERFECT if A Rocket To The Moon were on that tour too because i LOVE those 3 bands and they have a kind of similar sound. They've also toured with each other in the past. We were all expecting either one of them or both to be on that tour.

We're hoping for a Montreal date. But if there is none, we are planning to go to Toronto to see them <3 Because a lot of bands skip Montreal on tour =(

here is a mini-playlist of the three bands! check them out =D

Music Playlist at MixPod.com