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Today (as in the 29th of august), one of the many men of my dreams turns 29!

Made with one of the very few decent pics I took of him (this one was at VFest!)
Yup, it's my little celebrity crush i've had since I was...11? xD

this was what he looked like when I started liking him <3 I gotta admit that i found him cuter then, with his blond hair, than now xD I also prefered his blond faux-hawk and emo-cut (ok maybe not the really greasy looking emo-cut). I was happy when he had blond hair again for a few months xD Made him look younger in my opinion =O or maybe it was just cuz i remembered the old times...I still love him though <3 Even though he used to be cuter than he is now hahah

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and with that, i leave you with one of my favorite SP songs <3 i'm sad they haven't played it recently =(


why? T_T

a quick little rant between my Bday report.

This is a rant about a Canadian band. Yes. I listen to non-Japanese music =O not a lot but I have my...3-4 favorite bands from this continent =) and that i've all seen at least twice except...one band that i still haven't seen.

The current drummer of Faber Drive (one of the only bands that I love and that I can actually SEE live) who is the talented hottie nicknamed Poncho, is supposedly leaving the band D8 he was replacing the old drummer who quit cuz he got married but now, Faber Drive posted a blog on their Myspace searching for a new drummer T_T They haven't said anything else on the matter officially but if they're looking for someone new, chances are, the old one is not going to be there anymore. And my wandering on the internet points to Poncho quitting.

This really sucks cuz I got into the band when Poncho was their drummer and I really hate it when a band changes members...i can just imagine how bad it must be for the fans who have been there since the beginning...since they've changed their guitarist recently too..=_=
They're giving people a chance to send them videos and stuff until summer though...for the new drummer. And i know they're releasing a new single towards the end of april so i'm hoping that means Poncho will be with them till summer and that they will come to Montreal one last time before he leaves? They've also been working on their 2nd album for the past few months so maybe he'll be on there too?? ;_;

I really don't want him to leave. T_T Or, if he does, I hope i get to meet him because from all the videos and Vlogs, he seems SO sweet. I want a picture with him tooooo. D8

But then again, the other side of me wants to smack the side of me who ranted because if he decided to leave, he must have his reasons. As long as he's happy, right? Why should I be mad at him for wanting to do what he wants? Sure, it hurts to know that i won't see him playing anymore at future Faber Drive concerts but if he feels like that isn't his place, why should i be one to judge? On the plus side, I know he wrote a song with a friend of his so maybe he'll be in another band?