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Procrastination = picspam 8D

yeh...i really wasn't productive study-wise today ._.
i think it's not registering in my head that the end of the term is here and that i should study o_o

but...i really want to do this Pon picspam for his birthday 8D
(that is ending here in an hour and a half xD)

it turns out i had a lot more solo pics of him than i thought so i think this will end up being a 2-part picspam =)
also, i wanted to organize it and follow a timeline but...with 100+ pictures, i figured it was too troublesome xD and chances are, there are going to be reposts....i know i have the same picture twice sometimes..
lastly, all these were taken from everywhere...none were scanned by me (oh...except that first one xD which is a sticker i own <3)

let the picspam begin~

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Picspam + request?

I come with a request to all JE fans (+ a mini-Christmas picspam =O)
Does anyone have any JE christmas songs? (as in medleys they did or actual songs they recorded?) I used to have some but i can't find them anymore and I love listening to JE christmas songs because they're different =O (or if they sing the popular classics, it's with a cute accent xD)
I'd love to have any but more Kanjani8, KAT-TUN and NewS x) so if you can help me, (with mp3s or videos) i'd be very grateful^^

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