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Bias meme :D

i'm always a little late when it comes to memes but this popped up a lot on my friends page so i wanted in! xD

Comment and I'll give you four fandoms and tell my who your favorite is.
imanat gave me KAT-TUN, Alice Nine, NewS and Kingdom Hearts :D

Most of you probably know this already :  Uedaaaa <3
he's the one who got me into the band in the first place...i heard Love in Snow and fell in loooove~
i love his voice and the fact that he writes a lot of his songs. his solos are always beautiful, whether they be cute ballads or more rock-sounding songs. and he's just so adorable x) i don't care how many people say he looks like a girl, i find him manly enough! haha i wish he was in dramas though :(

2. Alice Nine
Poooooooon~ <3 I don't know why honestly! haha he's cute? and hyper? and don't you just want to go and hug him? >w<
...why do i always like the girliest-looking ones? haha

3. NewS
Ryoooooo~ <3 One Litre of Tears made me fall for him. He's the one who got me into NewS and Kanjani8 too. I owe a lot to Ryo :) he's so hooot haha and such a good actor! and i LOVE his voice. i just wish he would take care of it more by not smoking :(
at first i didn't want to like him because of his "hate" for Ueda xD haha

4. Kingdom Hearts
Rikuuuuuuuuu <3 the silver-haired bishie of course! haha i don't know why xD i just LOVE him! the fact that i used to love David Gallagher as a kid might've pusehd me towards him too haha but really, Riku is just so cool <3
but I also adore Sora and Roxas :) they're fun and Sora is just adorable! 

Color Meme: Blue

Comment and I'll give you a color. Then post an entry with a list of things that you like/love which are that color.

zusu  FINALLY gave me BLUE. ilu x)

The color
itself. It's my favorite color. I find it so pretty...<3 When i write online, it's usually blue. When i sketch on the computer, it's blue. When i edit a photo, it'll usually be tinted blue xD
My black and blue glasses <333333 I LOVE these. I think they day i can't wear these anymore, i'm going to cry. I've had them for...5 years now i think =O a lot of people always comment about my glasses xD

my camera. even though it's falling apart and it's taking sort of bad quality images nowadays...i took a lot of great shots and it means a lot to me.
The New Cities' album Lost in City Lights. This album, this band started my whole show-crazed last year. Almost a year ago exactly. Met so many people thanks to this ONE band that started it all for me.

the beach, the ocean. always so many great memories from my trips to the beach. so many memories with people i know i won't see again...

 Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LJ. (take out AT&T and replace by LJ?) Their logos are blue. They are some of my addictions...i spend way too much time on there...I also discover a lot of bands on myspace/facebook x)

My blue bass pick from Julien. (I forgot the purple one...could've gone in my purple answers haha) It means a lot to me because it was the first pick i EVER got at a show. And it was handed to me directly. <3

BLUE CANDY <3 especially blue raspberry <333

 Pornstar drink. One of my faves <3 It has 7Up, Blue Curacao and Sour Puss i think. YUMMY <3

 My blue skinny jeans <3 and blue clothes in general...a lot of my clothes are black or blue...they fit with my glasses xD

Color Meme 8D

yeah...my reports will come eventually...hahah
thing is, when i was motivated to write a long memory-post for myself, it was late at night, on my bed on my laptop.
my laptop is being a bitch lately sooooo. no laptop. -_- therefore, no post =O

Onto the meme!
Comment and I'll give you a color. Then post an entry with a list of ten things that you like/love which are that color.

i was given RED. though i wanted BLUE. or Turquoise..xD oh well...let's see what i can do.

1. 2. 3. 4.
5. 6.
7. 8.
9. 10.

1. New Year lucky money bags <3 Do I really need to explain why? xD

2. Rasberry SourPuss. Needs to be mixed with stuff though...cuz i like EXTRA sweet and EXTRA girly drinks haha

3. Red Sour Patch Kids <3

4. Strawberries <3

5. Raspberries <3

6. My old red hair hahaha such a myspace/emo picture xD
i want to dye it that color again ;___:

7. My red pants x)

8. My Isle of Thieves tshirt <3
Go check out their songs =D >>http://myspace.com/isleofthieves<<

9. Lindt milk chocolate <3

10. Gaara....he has red hair, it counts right??? =D

oh yeah! i did it! =D
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iTunes test thingie stolen from Jovan 8D

buuuuuuuut since I have a Zune, I did it with the Zune program 8D
stolen frommoommins =3

Sort by song title

First song: Vistlip -  Moon Light Snow Rabbit (i think it's first because there is a space or something in front xD)
Last song: Johnny's Jr. - Kaze no mukou e (written in Japanese) live version

Sort by time
I didn't know how to do this Dx Jovaaaaan? a l'aide? xD

Shortest song: --
Longest song: --

Sort by album

First song: Vistlip - Edy
Last song: Yui Horie - LIFE (PV Rip)

Top 10 most played songs

Stereos - Summer Girl
The New Cities - Take it Back / Cheat Again (i think this is because my friend and I listened to it a lot for our fanvid ahaha)
Arashi - Truth (whoaa..i didn't think i listened to it THAT much haha xD ONE JE SONG! OMG)
The New Cities - Hypertronic Superstar
The New Cities - Dead End Countdown
The New Cities - Looks Minus Substance
The New Cities - Low Radiation
The New Cities - Leaders of the Mislead
The New Cities - Modern Ghost
The New Cities - X-Revolution (Settling for Second Best)

(you can clearly see how much i've listened to TNC in the past few months haha If i continued, the next songs would be the rest of The New Citie's album hahah xD)

First 10 songs that come up on shuffle

The All-American Rejects - Move Along
bis - Tenohira (T_______________________T I miss bis Dx)
KAT-TUN - Shunkashuutou
The GazettE - THE END
L'Arc~en~Ciel - Alone en la vida
a bunch of juniors written in kanji - Cherish (NewS cover) live
unreadable artist - unreadable title (from an OST...i just can't remember which drama Dx)
Hedley - On my Own
NewS - Sayaendou
NewS - Happy Birthday


"sex" - how many songs come up?: 1
"love" - how many songs come up?: 48
"you" - how many songs come up?: 59
"death" - how many songs come up?: 1
"hate" - how many songs come up?: 6 (but 2 is not really hate in the real sense...it's a japanese word xD)
"wish" - how many songs come up?: 4



LOL initiation + friends meme xD

ok...so before i post my Otakuthon part II post, i NEED to post about the initiation we did for the newbies in Health Science at my Cegep xD YES, initiations are stupid and most of the time humiliating but, it doesn't change the fact that they are extremely funny to watch. (for the most part anyways)

So, we were about 12-15 2nd years who decided to be part of this. The others came up with the ideas and i met up with them last week so they could explain what we were going to do xD They decided that the first years were going to be paired up and tied to each other and they also decided on 5 and a half "activities".

1. "Coq fight" type thing. (got changed to "roll till you get very dirty")

Collapse )

1.5 Condom flavor?

Collapse )

2. Find the pennies in the nasty fountain

Collapse )

3. Want a drink? well, you don't have a choice =P

Collapse )

4. Get the marshmallows!!!

Collapse )

5. Think fast, you're a science student! =O

Collapse )

Collapse )

Now, for the meme. =P i normally don't do these but it seems as though i have to. (i was included in the answers of  some of my friend's memes but this was the condition for me to get it...you'll understand x_x) i was going to do it on facebook but...still deliberating xD (some info i want to keep hidden from some people who are on my facebook xD)

Collapse )Collapse )

thanks for reading xD

PS: will be back with part II of con report, + California xD