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procrastination + TNC obsession 8D

I have my math and French exams on monday, physics on friday and chem the tuesday after yet...here I am on LJ 8D
I'm also going to see The New Cities Monday and Wednesday <3 And i'm going to karaoke on saturday IF I decide not to go to Toronto with my parents...

I lack motivation to study...took me ALL day to redo all my math problems (which really isn't a lot and should've taken me less time considering I've done them all already...i Just wanted to see if i remember what to do xD)
I haven't started physics...which worries me since it's a summary of ALL we've seen this semester...o_o and i haven't always been the best in physics...IRL friends will know about that xD BUT this time around, i'm doing really good so I guess it's not motivating me cuz i know i don't need a lot to pass and i just can't get my head around the idea that I NEED SUPER HIGH GRADES IN EVERYTHING SO I SHOULD STOP PROCRASTINATING.

speaking of procrastinating, i made myself a little anti-procrastination drawing...how ironic cuz i was obviously procrastinating while doing it...xD

i actually put it as my desktop background to prevent me from going on the internet and whatever but...the computer was logged onto my dad's account all day so that kinda failed...^^'

Haven't started chem either...and that should worry me but last time, because of a math exam the day before the chem exam, I started studying for the chem exam the night before and got 87% ...I know i shouldn't rely on that happening again though since according to the teacher, this exam is on the hardest stuff =_=

ANYWAY, as I said, despite all the studying i KNOW i have, I'm still going to see The New Cities twice next week 8D
funny how obsessed I got with them when I discovered them less than 2 weeks ago xD
But I really do like them and the show on monday is FREE. I couldn't say NO. ^^'
The wednesday show is 10$. 10$!!! it's nothing!! =O

let's ALL hope i do well in my exams kk?? ^^'

and i'll leave you with  Dead End Countdown - The New Cities PV (because embedding in disabled)

i was planning on putting part 2 of my Pon picspam but this ended up being a post about school so i decided to post-pone that xD