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Back =)

i'm back from my month at my grandma's!
it was fun and i got to hang out with my family =3
i also shopped a lot

i won tickets to see VAMPS in San Fransisco omgomgomgomgomg
L'Arc~en~ciel's HYDE! i still can't believe it ._____.
only took one picture of the stage and a really blurry pic at the end though (saw a guy get escorted out for taking a pic before the show started so didn't want to risk it =_=)

and i watched Harry Potter.
the effects were great, the movie was good but....
i reread the book a day before so i noticed every little thing and got disappointed =_=
i also rewatched the first 2 movies and the 5th....and i still know all the lines from the first by heart xD
and reread the 7th...and wondering where they'll cut for the movies .____. wherever they do, it'll be an agonizing wait for the 2nd part hahah

*will possibly post the rest of my report of V-Fest*

Otakuthon coming up this weekend 8D friday, i'm whipping out my old Nobuta cosplay for the sake of my panel, saturday, i'll either be the Big card from CCS, Reno from FFXII or Rin of Vocaloid....but i dunno yet....BIg is half done, Reno is missing a weapon and Rin is not really anything yet...sunday, i'll be JE fangirl for the sake of my panel hahah

my for-sure schedule:

Friday 3pm-5pm = volunteer
Friday at 6pm = my Jdrama panel 8D

Saturday 9am-12pm = volunteer

Sunday 3pm = my JE panel! 8D

i think i'm gonna add more volunteering time in there...
can't wait x)