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Color Meme: Blue

Comment and I'll give you a color. Then post an entry with a list of things that you like/love which are that color.

zusu  FINALLY gave me BLUE. ilu x)

The color
itself. It's my favorite color. I find it so pretty...<3 When i write online, it's usually blue. When i sketch on the computer, it's blue. When i edit a photo, it'll usually be tinted blue xD
My black and blue glasses <333333 I LOVE these. I think they day i can't wear these anymore, i'm going to cry. I've had them for...5 years now i think =O a lot of people always comment about my glasses xD

my camera. even though it's falling apart and it's taking sort of bad quality images nowadays...i took a lot of great shots and it means a lot to me.
The New Cities' album Lost in City Lights. This album, this band started my whole show-crazed last year. Almost a year ago exactly. Met so many people thanks to this ONE band that started it all for me.

the beach, the ocean. always so many great memories from my trips to the beach. so many memories with people i know i won't see again...

 Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LJ. (take out AT&T and replace by LJ?) Their logos are blue. They are some of my addictions...i spend way too much time on there...I also discover a lot of bands on myspace/facebook x)

My blue bass pick from Julien. (I forgot the purple one...could've gone in my purple answers haha) It means a lot to me because it was the first pick i EVER got at a show. And it was handed to me directly. <3

BLUE CANDY <3 especially blue raspberry <333

 Pornstar drink. One of my faves <3 It has 7Up, Blue Curacao and Sour Puss i think. YUMMY <3

 My blue skinny jeans <3 and blue clothes in general...a lot of my clothes are black or blue...they fit with my glasses xD