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Interviews 2010

So what happened in 2010? So much...this is going to take a few posts to first, i'll write out my year in interviews.
i did so many interviews this year it's crazy! and i had the time of my life. i'm so grateful for this semi-job i have! so what if i don't get paid? who cares when you can interview some people you've admired for almost 10 years? When you listen to your playlists and realize you've interviewed a big chunk of those artists? When you open one of your favorite magazines and see people you've interviewed in there?
it's crazy. sometimes, i still can't believe how lucky i got :)


My first featured article on CONFRONT Mag.
(technically, this isn't a 2010 interview but it was posted in 2010 and i'm really proud of it!! haha)
fun memories though, sitting in the stairs backstage at Club Soda...

We Came Are Romans
Done in November (i think) posted in January.
Has to be one of the longest interviews i've done.
Andy had so much to say!

Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker
This was a fun one :) Done in their van haha

then...i didn't have anything until April :O


Isle of Thieves <3
This was hilarious because they're not just a band to me.
It was a nice chitchat in a Tim Hortons after eating loads of sushi at a place near L'Inco :) 
fun times! i really miss these guys <3

The Whigs
These guys were really fun too!
a nice discovery!


Faber Drive (transcript)
Technically my 2nd feature but since i left on a trip, it was written by the person who did the interview with me
it was a cool experience! we interviewed in a team and we were both so nervous before it started haha
my first tour bus interview!

Jesse Labelle
This guy was such a sweetheart! I adored him.
Funny fact: I was a fan of his boy band back when i was...11? haha
if anyone told me i'd interview him back then, i'd never believe them!

Danko Jones
This was interesting because i didn't know them at all and they were an "old" band if you look at how long they've been in the scene.


Warped Tour (because i did so many, it deserves its own category)
one of the most unforgettable days in my life for sure.
chill interviews sitting in the grass, press bracelet and dreams come true<3

Never Shout Never
My ice breaker of the day :) he was really nice

The Summer Set
Total sweethearts <3 adored them
one of the bands i fell in love with after Warped in Mtn View
and this chat i had with them made me love them even more

Mayday Parade
Derek flicked bugs off of me haha
memorable part of this interview xD

The Mission District
Loved this band since last summer and it was great to be able to interview them
funny how the interviewee from the one before flicked bugs OFF me and one of the ones from this one threw one ON me haha

Sum 41
i don't think anything even needs to be said.
i still can't believe i got to interview my 12-year old crush from Sum 41.
and that there are pictures to prove it haha

After Midnight Project
I hadn't heard of this band (or maybe i saw their name once in AP) until they ambushed us
aha their tour manager came up to us and asked if we were free for an interview
i remember getting hugs right from the start and then standing in the middle of a 4 tall guys for my interview haha

The Cab
I was really glad to get this one too because i had gotten into their music earlier in the summer
they were really fun too. and we witnessed Tyson from All American Rejects getting followed by fangirls xD

We The Kings
Pictionnary. The one thing that pops to mind when i think of this interview
these guys we really fun too. the most entertaining and random drawing i ever got

Artist Vs Poet
Fell in love with Tarcy right here. We chatted a bit while i was waiting for We The Kings too.
He was such a SWEETHEART omg. really fun interview <3 made me fall in love with the band even more
i need to see AvP live one day...i missed them both Warped tour dates -_-


Chris Youngblood (TWLOHA)
First phoner. it was the hardest interview to transcribe
but it made me understand the foundation a little more and all the hard work they put into it
the people there are really dedicated

Bedouin Soundclash

Another band i only knew by name.
Eon had a lot to say too and it was really interesting
done in the Sony offices in Montreal :)

Jonas and The Massive Attraction

This was quite an interview too.
Backstage Club Soda was BOILING hot and we were all sweating haha
Jonas talked a lot but what he said was really meaningful



my first french interview! fun guys! it was a nice one
it's crazy though because i'm not a big fan of french music so i didn't know they were very popular
but now, i see their posters in the metro almost everyday haha


Escape The Fate

a band i discovered while doing research for the interview
fell in love with them and played their album on repeat for weeks

Hail The Villain

another band i found out about while doing research
and these guys were really fun to interview too, always joking around haha



talked about Disney with these hardcore musicians haha

I was never really a fan of them, hadn't heard much music
but then, i had to interview them and so i did my research and i liked the music!
and Sierra was an absolute doll! she complimented my nails matching my glasses haha

not yet posted:

LIGHTS (adorable, we talked video games haha) and Bring Me The Horizon (i love accents <3 and this guy had way too much fun drawing haha)

what a great year :O

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