Lili-Anh Le Minh (sunanbu_chan) wrote,
Lili-Anh Le Minh

Shows // CD+DVD Releases

Jan - JulCollapse )

8 - Old School Politics?
14 - Michou + San Sebastian?
        Michou interview
20 - The New Cities + Call Me Doctor + Third Place?
27 - Modern Ghost
28 - Lost Deliveries Farewell show :(

Sept-DecCollapse )

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    here it is :) my Simple Plan article is up on CONFRONT Magazine After a great yet too short time with Sebastien, a couple hours listening to the…

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    After today, i don't think i'll ever think anything is impossible anymore. Today, one of my dreams came true and my 12-year-old self is still in awe.…

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    I get the best feeling in the world when u say hi or even smile at me because I know, even if its just for a second, that I've crossed ur mind.…

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